My Foto Galery


Taking pictures is another habbit which I inherited from my father. I still own his first camera which he used - luckily - to shoot memories from his family. Today I have Nikon equipment and do some experiments.

Beauti-ments are pictures from beautiful moments that I really did enjoy. I also like taking macros and stitching panoramas.

Another thing, which is a very good combination of the two hobbys, photography and genealogy, is the design and production of photo books.

So click the bottons and enjoy the pictures.

Legal Aspects

In line with copyrights these pages only include fotos of my own.

 The picture right of §22 KunstUrhG clarifies personal rights as follows: Pictures may only be published or displayed in public with expressed permission of those visible on such pictures. If persons, that are visible on such pictures have died, then within a ten year period after the death the relatives have to be asked for  permission. Such relatives include spouse or partner and children, alternatively the parents.

As an exception hereto are people, that appear only in the background of a picture or as part of a crowd of people on public places or events. Only in those instances it is permitted to publish such pictures, provided the picture is about the crowd and not about individual people..

 Based on these regulations I am very reluctant to publish pictures and try to be as accurate as possible. In the case that still someone sees a conflict with his personal rights, please send me an e-mail and I will immediatly remove the picture.

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